15 Times Miss Nikki Baby Has Been Flawless

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Miss Nikki Baby is by far the most badass woman on Love & Hip-Hop, she’s constantly keeping it real. And now, everyone and their mom has fallen victim to her thirst trap game on Instagram. We’d feel guilty for lusting, if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s absolutely flawless. It’s impossible not to want to send 1,000 heart-eyed emojis to each picture. The 24-year-old of Moroccan/Lebanese descent is blessing the ‘gram daily.

If you aren’t following her… First, what’s wrong with you? Second, don’t worry, we’ll give you a taste.

“This is my bae.” -You, in a dream.

Even her hair is flawless. How is this fair for the rest of the world?

Makeup on fleek. Just kidding, everything on fleek.

Showing off her comfy new sweater. And, the rest of her.

Stacks, on stacks, on stacks.

Glam girl.

Doing some business on the phone. Casual.

Mermaid hair.

Mally Mall representing.

It’s obvious that she’s perfect, right?

She looks like a Disney princess!

Everything on fleek.

Yas, Queen!

Vacation goals.