24 Of The Richest Doctors In The World

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Doctor OZIf you were to ask your parents what career they’d prefer you went into at some point in your life, “doctor” and “lawyer” would probably be the top responses the lion’s share of the time. If this list of the richest doctors in the world is any indication, you would definitely want to try for “doctor” first and leave “lawyer” as a bit of a backup option. We all know that doctors and medical professionals in general tend to make a healthy living, but when you consider just how rich these particular doctors are, it’s amazing that they’ve managed to leave some money for the rest of us. The names on this list just go to show you – if you can manage to work hard, put in long hours and hone your craft (and a reality TV show here or there certainly doesn’t hurt), you can do anything and get rich at the same time.