24 Times The Jaro Sisters Proved They Are The Hottest Hapas On Planet Earth

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1. Without further ado, meet the Jaro sisters. Hello.

Without further ado, meet the Jaro sisters. Hello.

The Jaro sisters — Justene and Dawn — are taking over Instagram feeds and so far, no one’s complaining. The half-Puerto Rican, half-Filipino duo hail from Atlanta, GA and are up for the title of hottest hapas on the planet.

Of course, they’re just as stunning in their own right. Justene Jaro rocked our worlds when she made Penthouse Pet of the Month for October 2008; Dawn Jaro hosts some of the biggest events in the country, including AutoCon and top nightclubs in Los Angeles.

Together, the Jaro sisters pack a collective resume that includes features in music videos, fitness campaigns and various lookbooks. With killer figures and striking personalities to match, we’re not surprised that they’ve become the streetwear industry sweethearts.