5 Hacks For Taking Breathtaking Pictures and Videos With Your Smartphone

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Smartphone cameras can pack a lot of power in a little package, but only if you know how to get the most out of them. Conditions like low light can ruin a captured memory, and shaky hands can mess up hilarious videos. There are a lot of products you can buy to remedy these issues, but before you spend a hunk of cash on new gadgets, check out these DIY smartphone camera hacks. Before you know it, you”ll be taking professional quality photos and making unique videos.

Shooting stable, non-shaky video with a smart phone is tough, especially if you”re walking around while you shoot. If you”re tired of blurry, unstable video, you can make a DIY stabilizer rig like in the video below. This rig also has LED lights attached to brighten up low-light conditions indoors or at night. If you”re sick of grainy, dark, blurry videos, this project is for you.

1. A macro lens takes clear, super-close-up photos. You can make a macro lens for your smartphone using an old point-and-shoot film camera, some sticky tack, and a piece of cardboard.


Remove the lens by taking apart the old camera. Don”t have an old camera at home? You can also use the lens from a disposable camera.