American Ultra

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The red band trailer for the upcoming movie American Ultra just dropped and it looks so awesome.

The film stars Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as a stoner couple who run into an interesting situation:

Jesse plays a stoner who is apparently a secret sleeper-agent who doesn’t even know he’s basically Jason Bourne. And that’s how things look like they’ll play out throughout the film.

A pothead who has secret agent skills inside of him yet no knowledge of anything secret agenty is a great idea for a movie. Wonder if this whole thing came about while screenwriter Max Landis (who wrote 2012’s Chronicle) was watching Jason Bourne, thinking about how funny it’d be if that same thing happened to a stoner.

Regardless of where the idea came from, it’s so awesome someone actually made this movie.

Check out the red band trailer below to see the biggest stoner action movie since Pineapple Express:


(And in case that YouTube one gets taken down, punch your birthdate in here…)