Dennis Quaid’s Rant Was A Hoax But These Celebrity Meltdowns Aren’t!

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You done fooled us something fierce, Dennis Quaid. Last name “Ever.” First name “Best Prank.”

Sure, you may believe that the Lunar Landing was faked and filmed by JJ Abrams, or that Paul McCartney actually died back in 1966 and was replaced by Andy Serkis, but there’s at least one hoax that was actually a hoax.

Dennis Quaid managed to pull off the greatest con since Ocean’s 11 by tricking the entire internet into thinking that he had of the worst onset meltdowns ever. And yes, we are including the tantrum the stage actors of Our American Cousin threw after John Wilkes Booth notoriously ruined one of their performances.

But the ruse Dennis executed? That was some cold Keyser Soze ish right there.

Jimmy Kimmel confessed he wasn’t behind it, and then Funny or Die took official claim of the fake freakout, but there have been so many real freakout moments that have given some celebrities a reputation for being not the cheeriest. Here they are.

1. Lily Tomlin and David O’Russell on the set of I Heart Huckabees.


2. Alec Baldwin left the nastiest voicemail for his then 11-year-old daughter Ireland.


3. Christian Bale having the rant that Gotham did not deserve on the set of Termination Salvation.