Happy Belated Birthday Akon! Here Are Some Of His Best Songs!

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Happy 42nd birthday, Akon. Well, happy belated at least.

Did you look at your calendar today, and say to yourself, “wait, today is April 17th? Not, the 16th? I missed Akon‘s birthday?”

Well, if that’s the case, don’t you fret too much. Why? Because I’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of his best, greatest, most smoldering hits for you to enjoy.

Akon’s been keeping on keeping on for 42 years, and over the course his long, successful career, he’s gifted the world with some incredible feats of vocal wizardry.

Without further ado, here are a few of Akon’s songs that will make you groove, and whisper “awww yissss” to yourself, even if you’re on a public bus, and people are staring, but whatever let them stare.

1. The heartfelt ballad Right Now (Na Na). The music video asks the simple question, “when you have everything what could you possibly desire?” Can’t guess? Well, time’s up. The answer is the one you love the most, of course. Akon struggles with the memory of a romance gone south, so if you’re pining over that former special someone, stop creeping on their Facebook page, and get the closure you need by listening to this.


2. His magnum opus Smack That. This music video features Akon as a convict set free for 24 hours so he can help find a witness for a cop (Eminem), AND hopefully get laid in the process. Little does this cop know that Akon is going to pull a Jean Valjean and skip town with his lady.


3. The thoughtful, retrospective Sorry, Blame It On Me. Akon gets real with you in this one, as this hit is all about taking responsibility, and realizing that hey, we’re all human. Unless you’re some sort of sentient robot reading this. In that case, please show mankind mercy.


4. Don’t Matter! Unlike the title suggests, this song definitely matters when it comes to being included in a list of his greatest songs. In the music video, Akon takes out a girl on a date to the beach, and then out dancing, and unlike most of my dates in the past, it did not end with Akon crying alone in a Dave & Busters after his date left. However, Akon’s date’s father is NOT pleased. But guess what? In the words of Akon, “it don’t matter.”


5. I Wanna Love You! Trust us, you don’t just wanna love this song, you’ll actually love it! This collaboration with Snoop Dogg (or Lion, or Tiger, or Bear, oh my) is all about Akon catching the eye of girl winding, and grinding on the floor (in a dancing sense, not like in a demonic possession sense), and him boldly proclaiming his love for her.