Heidi Klum Meets The

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The music video for Sia‘s Fire Meet Gasoline is fiery, explosive, and features Heidi Klum and Pedro Pascal.

Heidi starts off the music video ransacking a house. Is it her house? Is it Seal‘s house? We may never know.

Then she’s in a truck with Pedro, then they’re running through a field together, and before long she’s rubbing a blade a grass on her neck, probably thinking of his sister that the Mountain murdered.

Of course, they return back to the house to burn that f*cker to the ground. Is he fire? Is she gasoline? Metaphor the win!

We see shots of the bedroom being torched, and then it cuts to flashbacks of Pedro and Heidi rolling around underneath the covers.

Then, Pedro shows Heidi a bloody rock in his truck. This seems to be the instigation for there leaving town together. Who did he murder? The Mountain, duh.

Of course, the house eventually burns wildly in the night as Heidi runs out with Sia’s wig, and a wolf watches on. Is the wolf supposed to be Robb Stark? Yes. Yes, it is.

Watch the whole beautiful masterpiece above.