Here’s A 1-Minute Explanation Of Why Working At An Office Will Kill You

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Are you sitting down for this? Good.

Actually, not good. As it turns out, sitting is really bad for you. Sure, you might need to sit for prolonged periods of time at work, but did you know that doing so carries serious health risks? In fact, sitting for 11 hours or more per day can greatly increase your risk of early death. Yes, by merely sitting on your butt, you can meet an untimely demise.

But how is that possible? The video below gives a quick explanation of what happens to your body when you sit. You might want to stand up for this, because it lays down some pretty hairy facts about something you do every day.

(via Duncan Elms)

Don”t fret. You”re going to be just fine. Consider countering your sitting with some good old-fashioned exercise on your lunch hour. You can also invest in a trusty standing desk. After all, no one ever died from excessive standing…right?

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