It Looks Fake, But This Amazing And All Natural Sunrise Occurred Over Russia

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Three suns rose over the Russian city of Chelyabinsk this morning. (Well, sort of.) Technically, there was one sun rising (as per usual), but frigid temperatures caused the morning air to crystallize, which lead to one of the most impressive illusions you”ll ever see in your life. The multiple sunrise or sunset phenomena is known as a snow dog and is really quite the sight.

Check out the video below to see this triple sunrise in action.

Triple sunrises or sun dogs don”t just happen in Russia, though. These can take place anywhere where it”s cold enough for the morning air to crystallize.

Galesburg, Illinois

Bowbells, North Dakota

Saskatchewan, Canada

Bemidji, Minnesota

Kansas City, Missouri

(via BuzzFeed)

What an incredible illusion! Three suns rising at the same time–I”ll bet it was three times easier to get out of bed that morning. I mean, three times easier than it is to get out of bed when it”s -25 degrees Celsius, which isn”t saying much.