Legendary Hip-Hop Hitmaker Scott Storch Plans Comeback With EDM Album

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Scott Storch was once one of the most prolific hit makers working in the music industry.

There’s just something special about his beats, probably because he prefers to play live rather than sample.

It’s that real, original sound that catapulted his beats to superstar status and saw him producing up to 80 tracks a year! Back in 2005, he was getting $100,000 per beat.

He helped produce some of the biggest hits in recent memory, like 50 Cent‘s Candy Shop, Dr. Dre‘s Still D.R.E., and Chris Brown‘s debut hit Run It, just to name a few.

Just listen to the dopest piano riff of all time.


From hip-hop to EDM…

Young and in his 30s, his hard partying lifestyle took its financial toll, and now at 41, Scott is basically building himself back up. And he’s taking risks. The man who built a career on hip-hop beats is releasing a four-song EDM album. It’s going to feature drum’n’bass, trap and even his own vocals.

That’s right, Storch is singing (with his Calvin Harris-esque vocals) on a track called Your Light. He said:

I always said that someday I’m going to sing on a record. F*** it, it’s time. I’m trying to be brave and fresh with my career. I’m trying to take this medium and make it mine. I’m crossing the EDM barrier. We’re about mixing down some things for my personal Scott Storch album, we should be putting it out, I’d say, within the next six months. And I’m also collaborating on some tracks with Steve Aoki.

With the catchy hip-hop magic Storch is able to inject into his beats, it’s not hard to imagine how good his EDM is going to be.

And collaborating with Steve Aoki? Sounds like we’re heading towards an EDM revolution.

Can’t wait to hear what these two come up with…


Sure, Storch will be the first to admit it won’t be easy, but that’s not going to stop him. He said:

A lot of doors were closed to me. You’ve got to get in where you fit in. Even knowing you was once wearing the f***ing crown, you still got to go back in the trenches. You got to bite your lip, deflate your ego and fight.

And that’s exactly what Storch is doing.

With the popularity of EDM combined with Storch’s supreme producing talents, it’s safe to assume his comeback isn’t a matter of “if,” but simply “when.”