Why Is Chris Brown Posting About Stanaj?

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Unless you’re in certain music circles, you probably haven’t heard much of Albert Stanaj. It’s not until we started noticing pictures of Stanaj with Drake and Jay Z popping up across social media, or when Kim Kardashian posted one of his covers, or when Chris Brown posted about his friend that we were like, “Okay, what the heck? What’s the deal?” Our internet stalking began earlier this year.

Stanaj is just 20 years old, born and raised in New York, since he was six years old he’s been singing. When he was 14 he performed for Pope Benedict XVI. He sang a powerful cover of, Let Her Go, on Dancing With the Stars. His covers on YouTube have a crazy amount of views, he’s still in talks about signing to an album, but he’s released zero original work.

Essentially, he’s made a career just by being an amazing singer, and impressing the right people at the right time.


It’s obvious to the people who support him, and his fans, that his star is rising at an intense speed. His presence is incredibly powerful, even though he’s just getting his foot through the door. Just three years ago, he was doing karaoke and open mics as often as he could, in New York and LA, hoping someone important would be there.

Now, he’s playing basketball at Drake’s house and jamming on his piano, and he’s got talent like Chris Brown backing him as well.


As a songwriter, Stanaj is still a mystery to us, but as a singer there is plenty proof of his talent. He’s hitting the studio hard with Da Internz and The Stereotypes, while working with artists like Rihanna, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Big Sean, and more.

We’re excited to see what is next for him. We know that he’s got the talent to succeed,the question now is when? We figure it will be as soon as he drops his first single.