You’ll Beg For Mercy After The New DOOM E3 Teaser (Video)

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Holy crap!


After playing Bethesda/MachineGame‘s amazing Wolfenstein: The New Order last year, I’m now totally on board with giving the classic games from my childhood a fresh look. And since Bethesda is involved with the new DOOM too…

Well, I’m excited to wreck some demons.

In honor of E3 in June and the announcement that there will be a FULL gameplay showcase there, Bethesda dropped a new teaser for the game. It’s short as hell, but has everything you’d ever need from a DOOM teaser: a shotgun and a gross-ass demon.

Take a look (above).

Yuck. Look at this.

Yuck. Look at this.

This thing, if you remember, is a Revenant. He was in both Doom 2 and Doom 3 — and it looks even more disgusting with today’s technology. And I can’t wait to kick its ass.

Now if I could just get a little taste of Fallout 4… That’d be nice.